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USB 84 Disinfection Water Maker Electrolytic Generator Sodium Hypo-chloride Disinfectant Liquid Making Machine Clean Air Sprayer

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Remember size is 500ml double than the amazon product. Best product in the market. Unlimited disinfectant liquid you could use with this product.

- Self-made disinfectant is safe and harmless, Sterilization rate reaches 99.99%. - Stain removal and sterilization to inhibit the virus, this product can be effective remove pesticide residues, urine stains, oil stains, tea stains, And other stubborn stains, with a sterilization rate of 999% Effectively inhibits various viruses. - Virus sensitive to UV and heat, 56 ° C for 30 minutes, ether 75% Z alcohol can effectively inactivate the virus. - It can be used for disinfection, anti-virus, anti-bacterial, fresh-keeping, deodorization. You can easily make a disinfection solution yourself, which can eliminate a lot of bacteria common in the home. Light Tips: Blue light, it takes 5 minutes to make Purple light, production takes 10 minutes Red light, charging Greenlight, fully charged Battery flashes red when no power is heard, long beep Uninterrupted reminder sound for salt overload protection Instructions for use: 1. Pour 500ml of tap water into the disinfectant generator, then put 20 grams of edible salt, do not tighten the spray head. 2. Press and hold the switch for 1 second to turn on the machine. The start time for making the low-concentration disinfectant solution is 5 minutes, and the blue light is turned on at the same time. 3. After the disinfection solution is made, the indicator light goes out, and then the spray head is screwed on, and the disinfection solution can be used. For the usage method, refer to the method illustrated in the manual. 4. After use, the excess disinfection water can be stored in a liquid storage tank and placed in a cool place, usually about 20 days. The disinfection solution is recommended to be used immediately to ensure the best disinfection effect. Specifications: Type: Hypochlorous making machine Product model: JY-01 Product capacity: 17.63oz/500 ml Voltage: 7.4V Rated power: 15W Battery capacity: 3600 mAh Package included: 1x Hypochlorous Making Machine 1x Charging cable 1x Measuring spoon (Not including Liquids)

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